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Xreaper's GM APP

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1Xreaper's GM APP Empty Xreaper's GM APP on Thu Nov 19, 2009 6:14 pm


Your GMT UTC/GMT +1 hour

Country Croatia

Age 17 , 18 On December 14th

Experience Playing GMS since 2006 then soon switched to EMS then soon switched to private servers =),

I have been GM on about 4 private servers all of them forgoten and they all breaked up because no one actually played on it or due to real life problems,
Me myself hosted one server during End of may 2008 to around 10th of June something like that it was hosted on Hamachi on my own PC it ended up breaking apart too since i didn't have time running it and had problems in real life.

I also played on first 2 Maple Story Private servers ever(OdinMS and LocalMS)
How can you help MapleBreak to become a bigger server ? I'll tell my friends who play Maple to join if needed and i can also advertise it on xtremetop that top 100/200/50 sites w.e.
I can find bugs on server help with hosting , i can host register site too if needed.
I can't really help with coding alot cause i don't understand Java very good but i could help with some basic NPC's if needed(or learn more complex scripting)

How will you handle hackers ? I'll warn them not to hack if they still continue to hack after being warned = ban no exceptions,if they stop hacking i'll keep my eye on them and if they start hacking again they'll get ban no exceptions again.
I understand how most hacks work since i've hacked on GMS some times,and i don't hack private servers Razz.

What would you do if 2 GM's had a fight ? I'll ask them what's their problem and i'll try to resolve it if i could by any chance.If i could not i'll tell them to stop fighting or something else if case is different =)
And if it was some ingame problem i'll just tell them that it's only a game or i'll try to help if i can.

That's all, please show me some own initiative, this way i'll make some of you GM's. ,I'm good at being awake for long times =D i'm mostly awake whole night well not all times only when i don't have school early next week i don't thank god =).

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thanks Very Happy

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