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How to make Maplestory Windowed

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1How to make Maplestory Windowed Empty How to make Maplestory Windowed on Thu Jan 07, 2010 7:09 pm


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Hey everyone. Ryan here anyway I'd just like to share a program called DXWnd. Now if you've never heard of it, it basically just allows you to put maplestory in windowed mode. There is a function in game where you can press alt enter to make it windowed, but unfortunately it doesn't work for everybody and I'm one of those people.


First: Download and install Winrar if you haven't already.

Second: Download this Winrar file I've provided.

Third: Open up the file called dxwnd.exe

Fourth: Click edit, add, click the DirectX8 option (corresponding to your version of DirectX I think, but I think majority of people have directX8 Rolling Eyes )

Fifth: Click the ... button at the top right corner, find the maplebreak client, click Open, and then press the Ok button just below the ... button.

Sixth: Keep DXWnd opened and open the maplestory client. Now it should be windowed! Whenever you want it to be full screen just don't open DXWnd and whenever you do keep it open.

Guarantee lagless (although I think some servers have protection against DXWnd and takes it as a possible hack I'm not sure, but I know it works perfectly fine on Maple Break.)

Hope you guys like it,

2How to make Maplestory Windowed Empty Re: How to make Maplestory Windowed on Fri Jan 08, 2010 8:27 pm


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Thanks for the contribution Ryan ~! Razz

And if I do this, will I have to disable my anti-virus program since DXWnd might contain themidia?

Thanks again.

http://www.maplebreak.forumotion.com ? ._. lol.

3How to make Maplestory Windowed Empty Re: How to make Maplestory Windowed on Sat Jan 09, 2010 7:50 am


I wouldn't care if anyone used DXWNd.
YOu don't have to go to the client folder,
once you used it before in Dxwnd you can just double-click it there.


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