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Experience-I didn't have any experience being a Maple Gm,but i think i will become a good GM because i have seen what GM done in MapleStory and i have play Maple for a long time so i know what should i improve.

How can you help MapleBreak to become a bigger server?-I will post pictures on Facebook and other website.I will also promote this game to my friends.I also see that mostly GM are from Canada but im from Asia so i think we will have a bigger community if we have more players from other country.

How to handle hackers?If i know somebody hacking,i will straight ban him without any warning.Hackers make us lost the fun and ruin our game so they wont get any second chance.

What would you do if 2 GM's had a fight? I will tell them to calm down and get to know what is happening.I will try to stop them by solving their question

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