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Fosho's Gm Application

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1 Fosho's Gm Application on Mon Jan 18, 2010 10:21 pm



Your GMT.
I live in the pst times.

I live In San Jose California, In the US

14 And I am Currently a Freshmen in highschool.

I have had gm Experience in a server my friend made. I have also made a server of my own but closed due to joining other servers.
How can you help MapleBreak to become a bigger server ?
I will help it by advertising the server (Such As Possibly posting videos on Youtube about the server,Telling friends etc...), And persuading more people to vote.
How will you handle hackers ?
I will handle hackers in a reasonable and fair way. Possibly by checking if its their first time or not. Ask For a Reason why. Then Ban if the hacking was really unnecessary/Or if the reason was not plausable.
What would you do if 2 GM's had a fight ?
The first thing i would do would report to the owner/Admin of the server. Then Try to keep them from fighting until the admin/Owner comes and helps resolve the problem.

Extra information:I would love to really help advertise this server,Even though im new. I have advertised for many servers and am learning how to improve videos and etc. Thank You For Taking The time to look at my application.

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2 Re: Fosho's Gm Application on Tue Jan 19, 2010 6:28 am


I saw you posted it on the new forums, just check over there for the outcome.

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