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The Rules : please read before posting.

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1The Rules : please read before posting. Empty The Rules : please read before posting. on Wed Nov 11, 2009 7:16 pm


So Here are some basic rules for everyone to hold on to.

So here are the forum rules :

1. NO advertising private servers. If you do results will be a 1 month ban.
2. NEXON cooperatives may not enter or vieuw this forum, if you are from NEXON please leave.
3. In NO way do I own MapleStory nor NEXON this is pure a server for entertainment.
4. Please do not double post, at 3 warnings it will result to a 1 week ban. Next time 2 weeks etc.
5. Please do Request any server appliances, or help the server to get better, all help is Welcome =D
6. Refrain from cursing or fighting with other members, if I or any other mods see two people fighting frequently and avoiding warnings.
You will be in danger of a 1 week ban.
7. Please place you topic in the right section, if you don't your post will be removed and a warning will be given. Only 1 warning goes out for that 2nd time will result in a 2 week ban.
8.Posting hacks or trainers here will result in a perminate ban.

Now for the Game Rules :

1. NO hacking. This will result in a perminate band, I have AutoBan so don't think about it.
2. NO ksing, if so I or a GM will come to you and we'll have a chat. If you keep bothering people, We will consider maybe Jail or in worse case a temporarily ban. It all depends on the situation.
3. Don't ask GM's for items, Since this is beta we will need all the time to make this server function well.
4. If you have found a BUG please report this in the BUG section.
5. Refrain from blaming GM's for rollbacks, we may have some or we may not.
All depends on the servers development.

Please be aware of these Rules and refrain from breaking any.

Thank You

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2The Rules : please read before posting. Empty Re: The Rules : please read before posting. on Sat Nov 21, 2009 1:45 pm


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I'll respect these rules and infract anyone's posts or actions that do not follow them.


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