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1demons56's GM App Empty demons56's GM App on Thu Nov 19, 2009 11:50 pm


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Name - Tristan

Your GMT - Ottawa, ON. GMT -5

Country - Canada

Age - 14

Experience - No experience with being a Maple Story GM, but I have been a GM/Admin in other games and I have seen what other GM's have done in Maple Story and how to deal with situations properly. I promise you that I will learn quickly and will be a good and active GM and will try to help Break MS improve.

How can you help MapleBreak to become a bigger server? - I will advertise on various forums and such related to Maple Story to try to populate this server and I will tell friends about this server. I will also try to make this server a friendly and helpful community for people to play in.

How will you handle hackers? - If I ever encounter a hacker I will ban them right away without warning. Hackers do not deserve to get a second chance because they ruin all the fun for all the other players in the server and they obviously don't read or care about the rules. Hackers ruin communities and are not tolerated in any way.

What would you do if 2 GM's had a fight? - If I see two GM's in a fight I will get them to calm down and get both sides of their stories to try to resolve the problem between the two.

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2demons56's GM App Empty Re: demons56's GM App on Thu Nov 19, 2009 11:53 pm


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hehe, Nice Tristan (:

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3demons56's GM App Empty Re: demons56's GM App on Fri Nov 20, 2009 5:03 am


Not bad for someone who never was a GM in maplestory before.
Anyway I'll make you a GM level 1 which givs you not too much power,
and at the same time I can see how you will do.

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Okay, thanks

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